Future patent Motorola Razr 2: The mobile phone of the future will look even better

The Motorola Razr has been officially unveiled and Motorola has given a talk. But the latest patent on a possible Motorola Razr 2 makes us dream even higher.

Motorola Razr has conquered us in the past and the present for its shell ideology. The smartphone unveiled a few weeks ago has also given us a folding screen that is rocking the world. The smartphone may not be a high end and cost as such, however, stands out for its irreverence.

Motorola Razr 2 Patent

The newly authorized Motorola patent shows us that the smartphone of the future will look even better. We can see that the "chin" of the equipment will disappear.

At this time, this chin is for the biometric sensor. Well, this patent shows us the biometric sensor on the screen. But the news doesn't stop there.

We can also observe in the patent the touch-sensitive sides. That is, Motorola may well bring the "squeeze to interact" that HTC brought a few years ago and Google has in the Pixel.

Finally, this patent concludes with an almost borderless smartphone and without any kind of notch. Something that this Motorola Rzr has to identify with the model of the 2000s.

When will we see a Motorola Razr 2

It's still hard to guess. We can speculate that by the end of next year such a smartphone may be revealed, however, are unsubstantiated speculation.

These images are of a patent only. Although this patent is promising, it does not guarantee us that it will be a reality. That being said, we have to wait and see. Motorola has come back strong and I can't wait to make even more impact.

Source: phonearena