Samsung works on a new unlocking method with a larger sensor

The security of smartphones has been improving over the years to become one of the maxims of today's mobiles. Many users still use the pin or pattern to unlock their phones, but the vast majority prefer to access their phones with fingerprint unlock. The facial recognition system has also become one of the most popular methods, however, it has not yet reached all devices. Well, now Samsung wants to give a twist to everything.

According to Sammobile, the South Korean company would be working on a new security system that would consist of integrating a larger fingerprint reader that can cover much of the screen. This ensures that third parties cannot access our mobile phone even if the code is known.

Samsung will bet on a new security system

Everyone knows that the unlock code is one of the most important sections of today's mobile phones. If a person is available to this code, they can access each section of the device without facial recognition or fingerprint being able to prevent it. Well, Samsung is already working on a system that prevents this type of security flaw.

Samsung's new project is based on integrating larger screen fingerprint sensors that can cover the entire panel. From that moment, the device will analyze the fingerprints of the user in question as you enter the unlock code. In this way, if a person outside the smartphone tries to access the main menu, their entry will be completely restricted due to the lack of compatibility of their fingerprints.

Samsung is working on different ways to implement this new security system. The first one is the one that we have analyzed before, another section forces the user to touch the fingerprint scanner when all the digits have been entered, and the last one is based on several sensors that scan the information. At the moment, this new system is in the process of testing and we do not know when it will be able to arrive officially. However, the first leaks claim that it could come true with the Galaxy S11. We will see what happens.

Source | Sammobile