Samsung Start Mass Production of 10GB and 12GB LPDDR4X-Based uMCP For Mid Range Smartphones

Samsung is probably the largest manufacturer of memories for mobile phones, and every time it presents figures from its semiconductor division it shows that it is still growing perpetually. Maybe that's why constant progress is expected from this part of your company, and every new product announcement generates expectations. Not surprisingly, the rest of the market benefits from its advances.

The last thing we have known about Samsung in this field is that it is preparing the ground for mid-range phones to take a step forward in terms of RAM. Not only in quantity, but also in speed. To achieve this, Samsung releases its uMCP memories and already suggests that the 10GB and 12GB of RAM modules for mid-line phones are just around the corner. He is already manufacturing them.

The new uMCP system

We are not talking about a new format of RAMs that come to rival current DDR memories, which are the market standard. And we do not mean only the mobile terrain. Samsung uMCP memories are a new way of manufacturing the same memories, but using parts of others to achieve not only a larger size but also a higher speed.

Koreans say that for their new memories uMCP is using RAM modules of their faster LPDDR4X blocks, and also parts of their internal storage eUFS 3.0 NAND. Specifically, we would talk about two combinations that are now being mass-produced. On the one hand, a module of 10GB of RAM and, on the other, one of 12GB. The two uMCP.

To manufacture them, Samsung would use the aforementioned modules of its eUFS 3.0 NAND memories combined with four 3GB chips of RAM of its 24GB memories ( 4x3GB for the 12GB module ) and with two of these modules plus two other modules of its memory memories. 16GB (two from 3GB and two from 2GB) for its new 10GB memory.

Using LPDDR4X and controlled eUFS 3.0 RAM modules, Samsung multiplies the read and write speed

With this new LPDDR4X memory construction system for mid-range mobiles, Samsung would achieve transfer speeds of up to 4,266Mbps. The 12GB uMCP module would allow you to record 4K videos smoothly, in addition to allowing the execution of artificial intelligence commands without too much trouble.

At the moment we don't know more about these two new 10GB and 12GB LPDDR4X modules that are being built with Samsung's new uMCP system. We look forward to knowing when they will debut in the market and, above all, on which phone they will land in the first place. We will see if it is in one manufactured by Samsung itself or if it is another manufacturer that takes the lead.

Via | Samsung