Samsung Patents a Dock to Show Holograms and Interact With Them

Samsung is one of the companies that dedicate more money to the research of new technologies, has dominated in recent years the smartphone market and its solutions have been unique and have made other companies copy their steps. It is not uncommon for every year to analyze some patents that register for the future or just as mere experiments. Now, a new patent reflects on how new the South Korean brand would be working, a hologram projector on the smartphone so we can see and interact with various projections.

Samsung wants to bet on holograms

What Samsung has just patented is a dock that allows projecting holograms with a set of elements that facilitates it. By which the phone will have to be lying down and inside the dock, and then with a small mirror and other reflective elements it is allowed to see and interact with the notifications of social networks and other content. As we can see in the images of the patent, the time, videos and even drawings that we can manipulate are shown.

It is very interesting what this patent seems to reflect, but we do not know if it is more about science fiction than reality, although seeing everything we have right now this does not seem so far-fetched. We will see if Samsung plans to launch this dock in the coming years or if it is something purely conceptual and very long-term. Other attempts to include 3D in our lives have not been very successful, 3D televisions and game consoles passed more pain than glory to a better life and it seems that we will have to be very ingenious and offer more than just visual experience to have a good number of sales.

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