Samsung (practically) confirms the design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (video)

Samsung today held its annual developer conference, which unveiled a new concept for folding smartphones. While technology states that this concept is for demonstration purposes only, it is highly likely to be used in the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2.

In the video unveiled at the conference, we see a device that folds vertically, resurrecting the philosophy of shell mobile phones. The same lines that are expected on the Motorola Moto Razr and that has captured the attention of the market.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may copy Moto Razr

In the concept video unveiled by Samsung, the technology makes a direct comparison with the current design of the Galaxy Fold. This is another strong indication that this new design may be the one for South Korea's next folding smartphone.

We see equipment that folds horizontally instead of folding vertically like the current Galaxy Fold. This will allow Samsung to build smaller equipment.

This hinge should be more resistant, giving greater security to the equipment in various positions. This new mechanism will allow you to hold the Galaxy Fold 2 at a 90 ° position to use both parts of the screen for different purposes.

According to the video posted by Samsung, we see that the company will abolish notch to give us a "hole in the screen" like the Galaxy Note 10. This means that this hole will be in the center of the screen.

When will the Galaxy Fold 2 arrive?

Since the original Samsung Galaxy Fold was introduced in February 2019, its successor may be unveiled at the same time next year. Still, some rumors indicate that Samsung may postpone its disclosure until the second half of the year.

Should Galaxy Fold 2 be unveiled in early 2020, information leaks will begin to be more frequent soon. We'll have to stay tuned for new developments to learn more about this folding smartphone.