Qualcomm Snapdragon 735 Details Leaked: 7 nm Construction and Adreno 620

Last April, Qualcomm inaugurated a line of powerful chips focused on gaming with the Snapdragon 730G, which we have already seen, for example, onboard Realme X2 and OPPO Reno 2, to name two recent examples. This processor did not arrive as a successor to 730, but had the same chip as the latter, but overclocked.

What will be the successor of 730 is Snapdragon 735, which we have been hearing about, precisely, since April. It was then that the first rumors arrived that pointed to a 7-nanometer construction and the incorporation of a 5G modem in the Sub-6 band. Now new details about this future Qualcomm processor have been leaked that coincide in some points with what was already known, but differ in others.

Eight cores and Adreno 620 GPU

That first filtering of April that we were talking about spoke of a 7 nm architecture and an eight-core system in three clusters: a first Kryo 4XX core at 2.9GHz, a second Kryo 4XX core at 2.4GHz and six Kryo 4XX cores at 1, 8GHz. Also, he anticipated that the Snapdragon 735 would be accompanied by the Adreno 630 GPU at 750 MHz, capable of playing at 60 fps with QHD quality.

Now, the well-known leaker Sudhansu Ambhoe has published a tweet where he reiterates that the next Qualcomm Snapdragon 735 chipset will be built in a 7 nm process, which is a step forward to the 8 nm LLP architecture used by the Snapdragon 730 and 730G of the current generation.

However, it ensures that the new chipset, codenamed SM7250, would consist of eight cores: a Cortex-A76 with a frequency of 2.36 GHz, a similar second core with a frequency of 2.32 GHz and six Cortex-A55 units, all synchronized at 1.73 GHz. It also adds that the GPU would be an Adreno 620.

Sudhansu Ambhoe admits that this information does not match the previous leak, but ensures that it comes from "a document." It is striking, however, that it speaks of Cortex cores and Qualcomm customizes everything in the Kryo, so it is to be assumed that that Cortex could be the basis of the Kryo cores (Kryo 470, maybe ...).

Nor does it refer to the 5G modem, although Qualcomm has already confirmed at IFA that it will integrate 5G connectivity into its 6 and 7 series brains from next year. In any case, until there is an official confirmation from the company, we will not know the definitive details of this future Snapdragon 735.

Via | GizmoChina