iOS 13.2 beta allows to change the video resolution from the camera app on iPhone

iOS 13 has brought many new features to the iPhone. One of the most popular is the dark mode, although we also have a new battery management system, better performance, QuickPath and Sign in with Apple. But Apple continues to update its OS with new features that we can know firsthand with the betas, and one of the last to arrive is very simple, but very useful: changing the video resolution from the camera app.

It may sound like something, say, normal, since Android is something that exists almost since the beginning of time, but changing the resolution of the video on iOS was much more tedious. You had to go to the settings, search for "Camera" and then select the desired resolution. But that process is close to simplification, as we have seen in the iOS 13.2 beta.

Fewer steps, more intuitive

If you press on the resolution, the camera changes to the immediately higher. So, if you have it set to 720, it will go to HD (which really is FullHD) and if you have it in HD, it will go to 4K. The same happens with the frames per second, which can be easily alternated by clicking on them to go from 30 to 60 FPS. These are all possible configurations:


720P                                    30

HD 30,                                 60

4K                                         24, 30, 60

That Apple has implemented this possibility in the camera app does not mean that it is not possible to do it from the settings. The difference is that the process is simpler and, above all, more intuitive for a possible user who comes from Android and is used to doing so.

As we said, this function is available in the latest beta of iOS 13.2, so to test it you will have to install a beta profile and download the OS version. If you don't want to do it, all you can do is wait for iOS 13.2 to be stable and Apple deploys the update via OTA.