Google launches 5 new apps that let you control smartphone usage

Google is increasingly concerned about giving us more control over the time we spend with our smartphone. In this regard, the company decided to launch 5 new apps on the Play Store under the "digital wellness experiences" project.

Being available on the Play Store means that any user will be able to download any apps they like to their device. You can choose the one that is most useful for you and use it for as long as you like.

The idea of ​​the "digital wellness experiences" concept is to offer tools that help us use technology with greater balance. It also serves as a foundation for developers to incorporate these ideas into their creations.

Unlock Clock - A wallpaper that tells you how many times you unlocked your smartphone

The first application we highlight is the Unlock Clock. This app will work as a live wallpaper that tells you how many times you unlocked the equipment during the day. Each time you unlock it, the counter goes up by one.

By telling you how many times you unlock your smartphone, this application serves as an indirect reminder to be more cautious about using the device. Once downloaded, Unlock Clock can be found in the live wallpapers section.

Download Unlock Clock to your smartphone

Post Box limits the number of notifications shown

Are you one of those constantly being interrupted by a new notification? Then this Google application is right for you. With Post Box, you can choose when your notifications will be shown.

The Post Box app will group all your notifications and send them up to four times a day, at any time you want. It's up to you to make sure that nothing will interrupt you at that important meeting.

We Flip will make your group of friends more social

This is an ideal application so that those dinners with your friends do not lose their true social component. But for everything to work as intended, everyone will need to have it installed on their smartphone.

When they are together, everyone will have to activate the function to start a "new session". From there, the app will log every time someone peeks into your smartphone and when someone unlocks it, the session is over and statistics will be displayed.

It will be funny to see who was farthest from the conversation going on. Whoever gets this title will probably be another joke on the part of the rest of the group.

Download We Flip to your smartphone

Desert Island will give you access to essential applications only

This application will test your ability to survive for 24 hours with only the essentials. It is up to you to choose which applications you find indispensable, such as messaging, camera, Gmail, notepad and more.

Once you've chosen the range of essential apps, you'll only have to survive it for 24 hours. The main idea is to avoid being distracted by superfluous things.

Morph wants to offer the right applications in the right certain

With the Morph application, you will be able to choose the applications that are needed for different phases of the day. Depending on whether you are at work or in the gym, the applications you need will be different.

Therefore, Morph allows you to create profiles based on different times of the day. Create a profile of applications that are essential to your work and gym. Based on time and location, the app will automatically provide you with the right apps for what you are doing.

Download Morph to your smartphone

These are the five new Android apps that Google has launched. With them, you can limit, in different ways, the use of your smartphone as you wish, for as long as you want. If you no longer need one, just uninstall it.