10 Reasons not to Buy an iPhone 11

Apple announced the iPhone 11 line and the base model has become the most inexpensive offer in the line, the price of this device starts at 699 dollars, while the Pro version costs already 999 and 1099 dollars, respectively. The difference is very large, so the attention to the iPhone 11 will be great, it will be the most affordable device from the new products. Let's figure out what can stop you from buying and why this device is not interesting.

Reason # 1. Fast charge is, but not included!

Apple involuntarily admitted that all previous years were greedy and did not put quick charging in the kit for their phones. In Pro models, a set of 18 W charging appeared; now there is no need to buy it. But in a regular iPhone 11, there is simply no such charge, we are still faced with the same old 5W charger.

You can buy an 18 W charger separately, you will also need a cable to it. Total we get 45 dollars plus 28 dollars, a modest 73 dollars because Apple decided to save on charges. The increased size of the battery will lead to the fact that charging with the complete device will be slower than ever, while similar Android smartphones of this price range are charged out of the box in an hour or so, and their battery has a larger capacity.

I doubt that many will buy a separate charge, it costs too much. There are not many options to save.

Reason number 2. Slow wireless charging - 7.5 W

The iPhone 11 has wireless charging, but like in previous devices it has a maximum power of 7.5 watts, while most modern flagships can charge wirelessly at 15 watts, that is, twice as fast. What can I say? After all, the iPhone is technically a rather backward solution, so everything looks just like that and nothing else. In the company for several years and after the purchase of several companies that are developing wireless chargers, they were not able to launch their proprietary, wireless charging. None. Only third-party solutions. Therefore, if you are a technology fan, then the iPhone is not for you, and it is not about convenience. Slowly charging from the wire, slowly without wires.

Reason number 3. Second SIM, second iPhone

If you need a phone with dual SIM support, then the iPhone is not for you. There is support for only one nanoSIM card, the second cannot be inserted in any way. Of course, there remains the option of searching for a Chinese model for two SIM cards (there will be no guarantee, repairs are always at its own expense), but as shown in 2018-2019, only a few are engaged in this. One iPhone - one SIM card. This is also something from a far past, but buyers should purchase two, and preferably three iPhone. Otherwise, what kind of Apple fans are they? Explicitly fake.

Reason number 4. IPS display

Someone will probably consider that the IPS display is a blessing, he does not have PWM. But this is also something from afar past - low screen brightness, a maximum brightness of up to 625 nits. Low screen resolution at 828x1792 pixels. And the diagonal is 6.1 inches. But most of all I like the frames in this device, they came from far past, Apple never learned how to abandon these bands on the sides of the screen in the era of frameless devices.

Reason number 5. Aesthetic displeasure

For me, the important thing is how nice or even neutral the smartphone looks, after all, this is an item that you communicate with every day. Previous iPhone models were pleasant or at least neutral, but the eleventh generation is an esthete's nightmare - the camera unit looks extremely ugly. And the devices in the hands are visible, but this does not add to their beauty. Plus, the location of the cameras is inconvenient, often fingers get into the frame. Perhaps this is the ugliest device of the existing ones, and bright colors do not save it. The same Xr on the background of the iPhone 11 is simply handsome.

Reason # 6. The lack of a fingerprint sensor

Unlocking the face is a completely normal option, but when it is the only option, it becomes sad. The fingerprint sensor is interesting when you need to unlock the device without looking, for example, it may be needed occasionally in the car. And in principle, an additional way to unlock it is good. But Apple considered that it was too expensive and therefore abandoned the fingerprint sensor. Saving in such an expensive device on such simple things is bewildering, it is at least strange.

Reason number 7. The main camera with two modules and only

Apple likes to save on its users and not give them what other manufacturers have long implemented massively. The main camera unit consists of two modules, which is not typical for devices of this level, usually, they have three cameras, sometimes even more. Why did Apple do this? The answer is obvious - from savings.

Unfortunately, the cameras do not correspond to the level of Android smartphones of similar cost, and also do not overtake them in any way, despite spells from Apple fans that they believe that this is so. Alas, these are ordinary mid-level cameras and nothing more can be said about them.

Reason number 8. A short memory capacity of 64 GB

Apple wants to sell as many iCloud subscriptions as possible, and therefore the memory in this model is only 64 GB. Similar flagships of 2019 have a memory capacity of 128 GB (look at Samsung's S10 / S10 +). The basic model of 64 GB is just outside the market, this is the cheapest offer, but in fact, you need to look at the model at 128 GB, but its cost is 999 dollars. The direct and undoubted competitor for the iPhone 11 is the Galaxy S10e, but its cost is 770 dollars for the 128 GB version. And here we are faced with the fact that the amount of memory is twice as large. In a word, remember that buying an iPhone you pay a lot more, but you get a lot less.

Reason number 9. Inadequate device cost

Apple has long launched its flagships outside the market; they do not obey its laws. So, prices for the iPhone 11 start at 925 dollars, while this unit should cost no more than 699 at the start, it just does not have components and features at a great cost. A quarter-price mark-up is a fee for the Apple brand, a myth that it makes its users smarter and better. Believe in this myth? Do not count the money? Then you need to buy some kind of iPhone, this will be the best proof that you don’t know how to count, and you’ll understand technology like your grandmother. And do not refer to what is more convenient for you - this is an excuse for your inability to master the technique, which is configured better and easier.

Reason number 10. iPhone fashion has passed - this device is for anyone

If once the iPhone was perceived as a device with a certain status, the perception of which said that its owner could spend money on an expensive toy, then now this is not so. People with money, who know how to count them, began to abandon the iPhone, as its cost is inadequate, and many are tired of the constant catch-up with Android flagships. But that is not all! Apple's perception has become completely different - it's just another corporation, and the iPhone is just another smartphone and not the best. And this can not be changed, this is a problem that Apple cannot fix without Steve Jobs. And alas, they won’t fix it.

A sad picture? Not really, since the iPhone 11 is an exact reflection of what is happening with Apple. A boring product from the company that once was on a horse, and now under it, but imagines that it still controls the horse, although it suffered a gallop.