Huawei Honor V30 With Punch Hole Display and Dual Front Camera will Release Next Month

Huawei's subsidiary typically introduces the new 'Honor V' family model end of October. This year, the new Honor V30 (View 30) should be no exception to the rule. Now a new leak has revealed a very interesting detail about the new high end.

According to the new image, the Huawei Honor V30 will arrive equipped with a dual front camera, which will be integrated into two small 'holes' in the upper left corner of the screen.
Honor V30's 'double punch-hole' seems unnecessarily large

It is with great pleasure that we see the new high end come equipped with a double front camera, thus ensuring (probably) quality selfies well above average. However, there is a small detail that leaves us several questions, there is a large gap between the two sensors.

Although there has to be enough space to place the two sensors side by side, the space shown in the image seems to be too large. However, this could mean that your specs will be higher than expected, which turns out to be great news.

Also, we see that the thickness of the 'record' on the screen is very low, which will certainly reduce the impact caused when using the smartphone.

Still, in the same picture, we see that the Huawei Honor V30 will arrive with extremely thin margins, with only the bottom being slightly thicker. It also appears that we do not have a headset on top of the smartphone, suggesting that the technology present in the Mate 30 Pro will be used to reproduce sound across the screen.

What we know about the Honor V30

According to a Chinese leaker, through social network Weibo, the manufacturer is preparing an event to be held at the end of October. This should be the Honor V30 presentation event, which if confirmed will be presented two months earlier than expected.

Honor V30 should be accompanied by a new mid-range Honor Note

The leaker also revealed that the manufacturer will present a new mid-range smartphone, probably the Honor Note 20 (or 30). Although it has not confirmed Honor V30 specs, some details have been revealed about the new Note.

It is expected to be equipped with the Kirin 810 processor, a 64-megapixel main sensor and battery with 20W fast charging support. Considering the specifications of its predecessor (Honor Note 10), it should also feature a large AMOLED screen of at least 6.95 "inches. Also, we should have a very generous battery integrated.

As for its design, Honor is expected to bring much lower margins than those in Note 10. Therefore, the new model may come with a small drop-shaped notch or even a punch hole.

Google services should remain a problem

Unfortunately, Honor will also be affected by the problems caused by the United States government. So it is certain that these two smartphones will also arrive without support for Google services/applications.

As with the Huawei Mate 30, it could eventually affect its popularity and availability in international markets. The question then remains whether the manufacturer will decide to continue betting on a global launch, or whether to keep the smartphones exclusive to the Chinese market.

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