Three ways to recover deleted photos on your Android phone

Recover images deleted by accident is possible. Here we detail how to do it!

It has happened to all of us at some point that we unintentionally press the option to delete and delete material that we probably wanted to keep and that was even important. 

Surely at that time with wide eyes and great helplessness we have longed for a way to reverse and recover those photos that we did not want to get rid of. The good news is that here we detail three ways to get it.

 1. From the gallery:  

Before you start looking for other alternatives, you must first go to the recycling bin offered by the Android device. That was an option that did not exist before, but that with the new operating system updates you can already have it. To do this you have to open the Gallery and tap on the menu (the three points located in the upper right corner). Once there you will see the Trash option. Press it and from there you can restore what you have deleted. Typically, the files are kept for at least 60 days. 

2. From Google Photos: 

If you have an account associated with Google, you can check the Google Photos trash. Once inside,  select the files you want to have in your library again and click on “Restore”. 

3. External applications: 

There are several apps for this purpose. One of them is DiskDigger, with 4.2 ratings on Google Play. When you have installed it, click on “Start basic photo scanning”. Then, select the photos you want to recover from your cell phone and finally select the place where you want the files to be rescued.

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