Realme will show the first combination of four 64 MP cameras on August 8

In June, Realme said it was preparing a new device with four 64 MP photographic sensors. The company did not announce an arrival date for this smartphone, but we now know that the company's next flagship will be made official on August 8 at a “camera innovation event” in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

It seems that the market trend is towards sensors with many megapixels, so the war to see who has better definition seems to have just begun. For now, Realme would win with a total of 256 MP in the rear if it is confirmed that all sensors are 64, which we do not think so. A real madness.

Prepares to show your quad 64 MP rear camera

Realme has launched mobile phones with dual cameras: the 3 and the X series and with them, one of the cameras is a depth sensor. For now, it does not sell a triple-camera device, so launching a smartphone with a quad-camera would be a breakthrough for the company. Although everything depends on the quality of the sensors and the software that is implemented.

For now, details about the four sensors that will be mounted on the rear of the new Realme flagship are scarce. We hope that Realme includes a telephoto lens and wide-angle modules to accompany the main 64 MP sensor. The fourth module will probably be a depth sensor unit.

We do not believe that it launches more than one 64 MP sensor on the same smartphone since for now there is only one for mobile devices. But I could surprise you with your words on the social network Twitter.

“Prepare to witness some of the world's first smartphone camera technologies in the #realme camera innovation event. Stay tuned while #Leap To Quad Camera and we reveal the world's first 64 MP Quad Camera technology on a smartphone. ”- Realme

But without a doubt, it seems that it is the company that wants to get more megapixels on its back. But we reiterate that it will depend largely on the software since not everything is hardware. We will have to wait until August 8, one day after the presentation of the Galaxy Note 10 family.

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