Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will Present on August 7: All We Know Yet About It

The South Korean firm will present its next model on August 7 in New York and it is expected that, among its main novelties, come with a stylus with camera
With the aim of savoring success after the stumble with its expected mobile phone, Samsung has already prepared the renewal of another of its flagship products that, without being a best seller, has set the pulse of the industry. The South Korean firm will present on August 7 in New York (USA) the Galaxy Note 10. The event will start at 10 pm. 

On the Twitter leaker, Sudhanshu Ambhore released several images of what appears to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in a transparent silicone shell. If we had already seen the Samsung smartphone in previous renderings, these images are interesting since they allow to discover it from all angles. Especially, if we can distinguish an opening of the shell for the stylus or the USB-C on the lower edge, it is missing a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Indeed, it seems that Samsung has decided not to offer a headphone jack for its Galaxy Note 10.

Besides the jack, we note that these renderings take most of the information that was already circulating about the Galaxy Note 10 with a punch in the screen, this time centered. A triple camera on the back, volume and sleep buttons on the left edge - without Bixby button - and a fingerprint reader in the screen.

The mobile phone industry has changed a lot since the first model was launched in 2012. The most innovative smartphones have enlarged their screens and reduced their frames to the minimum. The Note family, already replaced after the failure of the Note 7 incendiary batteries, has become an interesting product that stands out especially for its S-Pen stylus.

Precisely, this small electronic object, capable of expanding the functions of the device, is on track to improve even its capabilities. Although the technical features are still stored under four keys, everything points to Samsung taking the visual experience of the Galaxy S10 to its new smartphone. The Note 10, it is taken for granted, will incorporate a panel baptized as Infinity-Q. What does this mean? That the frames will be very small and the front camera will be integrated within the touch surface and, therefore, there will be a minimalist "hole" where to shoot and activate the sensors of facial recognition. Regarding its image quality, it speaks of a resolution of 1,440 x 3,040 pixels.

Nor has it transcended its photographic capabilities, but this section can be slightly renewed compared to its predecessor. The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to incorporate up to three rear cameras composed of a wide angle lens, a normal lens, and a zoom lens. But, in turn, a ToF sensor ("time of flight"), which will be designed to measure depth and get three-dimensional images. Another of the technologies that have added brands such as Huawei to some of its most advanced phones and that even Apple is studying to install it in the next iPhone model.

But another of the possible novelties of this edition is that the Note 10 will not come alone; it is speculated with the possibility of presenting up to three different models differentiated by size, although one version will support the 5G network technology. Other sources, however, anticipate the arrival of four models under the name Galaxy Note 10, a Galaxy Note 10 Plus and two versions with 5G. Something that would happen for the first time. Also for the first time, the stylus will add a camera, although it has not yet been confirmed and its true usefulness is unknown.

It is assumed that your guts will be very powerful, powered by several configurations, one of them, with up to 12 GB of RAM. What is also not ruled out is that the installation of the Snapdragon 855 microchip and the Exynos 9820, depending on the market. It is expected to see, in addition, a capacity of up to 1 TB, while its battery is estimated at 4,500 mAh, more than enough to provide power for more than a day and a half.

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