Huawei will launch two high-end smartphone processors later this year

Huawei is preparing to launch the two smartphone processors in the market later this year with the new Huawei Mate 30. According to the information, the Asian company is expected to reveal two processors for this range, one of which has the integrated 5G chip.

So far, Qualcomm, Samsung or even Huawei integrate another chip in the smartphone to give us the 5G connection. Well, Huawei is preparing to change history again.

5G chip will be embedded in the main processor

One of the processors will be the Kirin 985, which will arrive with the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. The other unnamed processor will arrive to offer us the 5G variants of these devices, the rumors claim.

The 5G Era is now beginning and Huawei is probably the most prepared manufacturer for this technology. Not only is the brand at the forefront of infrastructures, but it also has the edge in processors for its smartphones.

5G will be much more than a quick feature

5G promises incredible internet speeds, but the real technology is beyond that. With this new processor, Huawei will be able to perfectly introduce into smart objects. Whether they are televisions, refrigerators or cars. As much as the brand doesn't manufacture all these products, the Asian manufacturer is preparing to sell processors like never before and get Qualcomm and Intel off the podium.

While smartphones are the talk of 5G, technology promises worlds and backgrounds. Let's just hope all of this technology arrives to improve user life and no more controversy with user data being stolen to sell to the highest paying.

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