New Google Tool That Will Help You Find Your Ideal Android - Light Phone Only Serves To Receive And Make Calls

We currently, have millions of options in Smartphones and that adapts to our needs is not always an easy task, this is why Google launched a useful online tool like write my essay for me that takes into consideration the tasks that the user often performs from his cell phone, so Help you make the best possible decision.

You can access this service through this website and choose the three activities you usually do from your cell phone. An example might be that he often uses his cell phone to listen to music, see his mail and express his style; then according to these three points Google will ask you how often you access these functions.

The user must select the options he uses the most and later Google will show him the Android models that best suit his needs.

This tool also provides detailed features of the device and says if it is compatible with the next versions of Android. The function is already available in Colombia since it was mainly focused on the United States.


The cell phone, 4 millimeters thick, weighs 40 grams.
This cell phone can only be used to make calls and receive them, save 10 contacts.
Calls made through a Smartphone have decreased considerably in recent years. They are usually used to surf the internet, use social networks and send messages through instant messaging applications. However this new cell phone, the 'Light Phone' wants to change all this.
This small white phone measures only 4 millimeters thick and is the size of a credit card. What the designers sought was to make a very simple and compact cell phone, thus obtaining a device that weighs 38.5 grams nothing more.

This cell simply gives the time, saves 10 contacts, makes and receives calls. This is all he does. According to its custom essay writing service creators this cell phone is made so that people can really live without the incessant need to be aware of their smartphones, which generate a lot of distractions.
This small cell phone has a power button, a headset, a microphone, volume control, a touch numeric keypad, an array of LED numbers to view the numbers of incoming calls, a SIM port and a micro USB port to charge your phone. battery that can last up to 20 days.
It is possible to associate the cell phone with a Smartphone, by means of an application that must be installed on the Smartphone. Therefore the user can leave at home his smartphone and go out with the 'Light Phone'.
Its sale is available in Kickstarter for 100 dollars and the shipment will be available from July of this year.

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